Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mac and Cheese and Total Body Circuit....

Well. My brief foray into trying to force myself to eat Brussels sprouts.... is OVER.

But I digress before I've even begun. From the top!

For the last few days, Kev has been hinting that he's craving for my Mac 'N Cheese. He and I both love jalapenos, so I made the 3 Cheese Jalapeno Mac N Cheese from Budget Gourmet Mom. It's got bacon, jalapeno, and lots of cheese... perfect man food. That's probably why I've made it for Kevin over and over! It's also perfect me food-- I love mac 'n cheese-- and this fact made tonight a bit of a challenge. More on that in a bit...

If you're going to make this fabulous pasta, try frying up the bacon, then roasting diced jalapeno in the dregs of the bacon grease. This is a lot easier for me than trying to roast the jalapenos separately! I struggle with getting burned in the kitchen, unfortunately. ;) I always add several extra jalapenos and double the sauce recipe for extra cheesy mac. It's a hit with my man.

Cheese... bacon... spicy... need I say more? Nope, my mouth is full of mac.
Whenever we have macaroni, I pair it with chicken, and tonight I had a personal victory in coming somewhat close to Kevin's mom's legendary chicken fingers! Kraft makes these lovely cheesy chicken mixers, and I just whipped one of them up. Easy-- delightful-- perfect pairing. Here's a photo!
Ch-ch-ch-chicken, baby.
And now, for the Brussels sprouts story. Quite unfortunately, I have reached the end of an era... the trying to be an actual adult era... and the sprouts are to blame. I can't stand the little boogers! I've tried them baked, steamed, fried, and what-have-you, but I never end up liking them. Putting them with bacon or garlic or balsamic and parmesan simply masks the underlying soapy taste. They always end up mushy. You'll hardly ever hear a complaint outta me about vegetables. I love them! This one, however, is less vegetable and more mutant. Yeeeugh. At least they look cool.

The reason for the veggie attempt was to fill my plate with more healthy calories than mac, as I have been doing pretty well with T25! Here's the update you've been looking for:
            During week 1, I did all of the workouts, and only one of them kicked my butt! Total body circuit is a mess (for now). However, I'm excited to report that the others are quite do-able and I even lost some pounds/inches! The stats are below, and I weigh and measure again next Saturday. The hardest part of the plan is finding the time to arrange healthy meals. I spent an entire day last week planning and prepping, and am still (sort of) working with those items each meal. I have been hungry here and there, but I feel a lot stronger and a lot more energetic lately! I can for sure see a difference in my body. Thanks, Shaun T-- I love to yell at you in the mornings!

T25 Week 1 Stats
Weight:  -1 pound
Chest: -1 inch
Waist: -1
Arm: -3 [!!!]
Hips: -1.5
Thighs: -0.5

Total Inches lost: 7 [I can work with that!]

Say tuned for more updates with T25, both spiritually and physically. There might even be progress pics at the halfway point if I get brave enough to share! Adios, amigos.


"For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
    the Lord bestows favor and honor;
no good thing does he withhold
    from those whose walk is blameless.

Lord Almighty,
    blessed is the one who trusts in you."
Psalm 84:11-12 

OOPS! Almost forgot! Here are a few of my favorites of our engagement photos. A huge thank you goes out to Mindy at Mindy Rae Photography . She does a beautiful job!


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